“Painting, is like traveling…it’s the journey that makes it

The dichotomies in life and nature are where I find inspiration…the push & pull,
moments of calm and frenzy, passages of transparency juxtaposed with the opaque, the elegant & awkward. It’s that play of opposites, the ever-changing nature of things that makes life and art magical for me.
Even though my process is intuitive, and the work abstract or without strict narrative, I find that I’m strongly influenced by nature and what’s happening right outside my door.
Color, light, texture, the cacophony of sound in the background; elements that are
constantly morphing and evolving – these form the starting point and subliminal story-line in my paintings.
My process lies somewhere between painting and drawing. I am equally passionate about both and I compose the work by creating patinas of color with custom mixed glazes, building areas that are worked in reverse by scratching, sanding or removing paint, playing transparent atmospheric passages against thick opaque shapes, then working in and out and weaving it all together with seemingly random lines and marks. It’s a very sensual and cathartic process, and losing and finding the work as it progresses is a delicate balancing act.