COVID-19 Information

We take the current pandemic very seriously.  While taking the important extra steps to ensure your safety through increased sanitization, hospital grade air-filtration and the implementation of mask-wearing, we have changed very little about the gallery experience.  With the exception of being “open by appointment” your visit to the gallery will feel like it always has.  In fact, the experience is likely to be even better than before as now you will have the gallery all to yourself!

Appointments can be scheduled at your convenience by calling 760-568-3180 or emailing at  As has always been our tradition, we will continue to offer a “no pressure, no stress” environment so you won’t need to worry about pushy sales people shadowing your every move.

Art needs to be experienced to be understood.  No amount of images or videos can give the true essence of a piece of artwork.  We STRONGLY encourage our clients and friends to safely visit their local galleries.

For other Covid-related questions, please call 760-568-3180.