“My pieces are constructed with minimal materials. I
follow repeatable processes of sequenced steps that yield
variation despite my efforts to minimize the same. The
result is a loosely structured communication, which, when
met by perception, seeks to establish form. One might see
a single piece recreated over and over, or individual
pieces grouped by common values, or wholly unique
objects defined by their relative distances from each
other in time and space. As such, these are exercises in
the interpretative power of consciousness, providing
viewers a pathway towards separation from the mundane
through a mediated process of observation.”


Blake Baxter is best known for reductive monochromatic
paintings incorporating aggregates such as sand and
cement. His work is optical– focusing on light and space as a
way to affect the gaze of the viewer. Often working with
black acrylic washes and many dense layers of sand, he
creates a reflection and movement that changes under
different lighting conditions. This quality makes this work
ever changing with direct viewing imperative. Even though
the medium is static and minimalist, the darkest areas still