photo-3With My Work


I’m looking for juxtapositions. I’m looking for thematic undercurrents, those spaces in-between. Specifically I want to explore interpretation, to examine how different individuals evaluate visually identifiable imagery and formulate different conclusions.

When an object is relieved of it’s usual context, it allows for different associations and interpretations. By using this mechanism of context, I can create bodies of work that have a certain contextual undercurrent as the constant, thereby creating a structure from which to work that has innumerable possibilities and avenues to pursue. What may at first seem totally unrelated can be reduced to a common conceptual pith.

Successful work for me is simple, informed and intellectually complex. Yet I want to leave the work enough ambiguity so there can be multiple paths of interpretation.

This ability to interpret subject matter uniquely has been a very useful trait for the human race. It is a trait that we, thankfully, all possess.

Possibly that is why Art survives.