New in October

Leonard Koscianski

Taking nearly 5 months to complete. each piece in the series is more detailed and intricate than the next.  On the surface the works are idylic, almost serene but on deeper examination harder truths are revealed. Combining exquisit technique with symboilc imagery, Leonard continues to find ways to express his post-modern critical views.  It is a quaint morning run?  A mad dash to safety?  Or something entirely different?

“Summer Morning” 42×26

America Martin

What do you get when you cross old world masters with a contemporary West Coast vibe?   America Martin.  Harkening on ancient themes America portrays the human condition with her modern visions filtered through a lens of historical art figures such as Leger, Picasso, Miro and others. Her new works on hand-dyed linen are both sophistaced and elegant.  Clean lines and timeless subject matter are at the forefront of her recent works.

“Women and Flowers” 57×116


“Basketball Man #5” 110×42

“The Pitcher” 111×49

“Sea Turtle and Sky Birds” 88×49