“Songs of Pythagoras” – Michael Schultheis, January 21 5-7pm

Join us January 21st as we welcome Michael Schultheis to the gallery.   Michael will be giving a lecture on the meaning of his work and his process on the 21st.  The exhibition will run thru February 14th.

“Using the timeless language of mathematics, I explore how geometric models can be a vivid way to understand human stories. In addition to painting the geometric shapes that I use to tell my stories, I include the equations from which those forms were derived, so that viewers who know mathematics can see the geometry in their own minds. This is conceptual geometry in art.” – Michael Schutheis

Complimentary Luminaries of Pythagoras, 48×48

Glissando Luminaries of Pythagoras, 48×48 SOLD

Pythagoream Ensembles in Evening, 60×60

Luminaries of Pythagoras, 96×60

Poetry in Universal Couplings, 30×48

Pythagorean Ensembles in Morning, SOLD

Pythagorean Interludes, 72×72 SOLD

Pythagorean Sanctuary, 60×60

Resplended Day for Pythagoras, SOLD

Songs of Pythagoras, 72×144

Resplended Night for Pythagoras, 36×36 SOLD

Songs Throught the Occulus, 72×72 SOLD

Concentric Curves for Kandinsky, 36×60

Concentric Limacons for Kandinsky, 36×48

Concentric Radii for Kandinsky, 30×48

Florets for LeWitt, 42×42 SOLD

Pythagorean Supremum, 36×36

Siracusa Scriptoria, 30×60

Concentric Harmonies for Kandinski, 36×48

The Lightness of Infintesimals, 60×60

Luminaries Passacaglia, 48×120